Calculation of standard pages, number of characters and words

Calculator for calculating standard pages, characters and words in your text.


Copy and paste your text into the calculator, click 'calculate' to see the results.

Basic information

Standard page (NS) is a standardized page with 1,800 characters including spaces . It is defined in STN EN ISO 690. You can calculate the number of standard pages from the number of characters and dividing them by the number 1,800. You can find more information on Wikipedia .

Normostrana is used to measure the extent of text in journalism, translation, copywriting and other text works. It is also used in academic works such as bachelor's, master's and dissertation theses.

A bachelor thesis has 30-40 standard pages (54-72 thousand characters), a diploma thesis has 50-70 standard pages (90-126 thousand characters) and a dissertation has 80-120 standard pages (144-216 thousand characters).

The indicated ranges are according to the UKF University in Nitra, Slovakia, and may differ at other universities. However, most of them are very similar or identical.

Use the Word Count feature on the Overview tab to find the total number of words, characters, paragraphs, and lines in your document. Then, to calculate the number of standard pages, divide the total number of characters (with spaces) by 1800.

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